Step inside Norfolk Island’s award-winning coastal resort to discover a new realm of relaxation.

Here’s how Coast crafted a sanctuary for people to discover this wondrous slice of the world.

Back in the Time of the Pitcairn Settlers

As descendants of the Bounty Mutineers, we trace our history back to the Pitcairn Settlers. Our rich past and innate connection to our culture saw us grow up with a deep appreciation for the beauty in our surroundings. The lush greenery, tropical plantings and idyllic coastline of Norfolk Island was the cornerstone for our lifestyle – a way of life synonymous with beauty and fulfillment. Realising the power of this environment, we set out to create Ponderosa Apartments. This coastal haven imbued true island hospitality and offered everything needed for the perfect holiday. It was a place that celebrated our culture and invited others to discover the rich landscape and diverse experiences on offer.

The Evolution of COAST

Today, the reinvigorated and inspired COAST is a place brimming with one-of-a-kind memories. It’s an opportunity to embrace Norfolk Island, with all it’s hidden spots and captivating surprises. We speak the Norf’k language, exchange stories and divulge the best fishing spots, hidden snorkelling locations or locals-only tricks to help you make the most of your time away. As life-long residents of the island, we want to share the secrets that make our home simply captivating.

Back in the Time of the Pitcarin Settlers

Watawieh and Welcome to COAST

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